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No Man’s Sky: How to Discover Outposts and Locations


No Man’s Sky: How to Discover Outposts and Locations

Discover Outposts in No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky from Hello Games will have you traversing a ton of different planets in your quest for the center of the universe. It’s ambitious in its size, and there’s a lot out there to explore. You may have noticed during your travels that there are certain outposts scattered about each planet. These often have cargo for you, as well as aliens to befriend, and they will be shown as undiscovered (as well as a question mark on your HUD) until you do something about that.

In order to mark them as “Discovered” and register that in your systems, though, you’ll need to do more than just show up and say hi. When you trigger the message that you are currently walking around an outpost or other location, look for a flag-like structure. Usually, it is surrounded by cargo boxes and an antenna of sorts, as well. Swipe those cargo boxes and then interact with the antenna-like structure to save. This is what will “Discover” the location for you, marking it conquered by your explorer’s wits.

Remember to discover all the different spots you come across; don’t leave them behind as undiscovered! If you need any more help with No Man’s Sky, check out our robust wiki full of guides and tips!

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