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No Man’s Sky: How to Breathe Underwater


No Man’s Sky: How to Breathe Underwater

Breathing Underwater – No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky is filled with a variety of different planets that players can discover and explore. Some are filled with snow, others are normal with lush vegetation and beautiful fauna, and then there are the sea worlds. These planets have small patches of land, but everything worth visiting is submerged under tons of water. You can still explore, but you have to watch your Oxygen which frankly doesn’t last very long. What is a space explorer to do?

It turns out that you can breathe underwater in No Man’s Sky, you just need the right blueprint. There’s an Exosuit upgrade in the game called the Aeration Membrane. It allows you to swim underwater for extended periods according to its description. With it crafted and equipped you can swim for a very long time without a single worry.

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The Aeration Membrane requires 50 Iron and 100 Carbon to craft, and is charged with Oxide Elements. It’s definitely an upgrade that you’ll want to obtain as soon as possible.

I’ve played two different files and both times I obtained the blueprint from a Gek alien while traversing a planet with large bodies of water. While this isn’t a guarantee and it may work differently in your starting galaxy, it makes sense that this resource would be located where it’s needed most so you should definitely check it out.

Now that you can breathe underwater you can get back to exploring. If you need any help, check out our Ultimate No Man’s Sky Guide.

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