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Gamescom 2016: What to Expect From Square Enix


Gamescom 2016: What to Expect From Square Enix

What will they bring if not Final Fantasy XV?!

Gameplay and Disappointment from Final Fantasy XV

chocobo Final Fantasy XV

It was recently announced that after the nearly 10 year wait and the set in stone release date from the Final Fantasy XV event, that the game will actually be delayed once more, this time until late November. This has reasonably led to a bit of an uproar, but many who have been waiting ever since the game was called Final Fantasy Versus XIII are content knowing that it’s still releasing this year.

This is still Square Enix’s biggest upcoming game, and they’re sure to realize that. For that reason, although the game was yet again been delayed, it will be one of their biggest showings. Whether it’s new gameplay, new details, or yet another demo (hopefully better than that Titan battle one), something is sure to pop up.

Increasing the chances of this is that the company is undoubtedly aware of the negative attention they’re getting for the delay. What better way to assuage fears than to show a new reason to be hyped and patient?

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