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No Man’s Sky Guide: How the Economy Works


No Man’s Sky Guide: How the Economy Works

No Man’s Sky’s universe has more than just an impossibly large amount of planets, alien races, and animal species. It also has a thriving economy that you can contribute to and become a part of. The best part is that it’s more than just some store or menu you go into to dump your useless cargo. There are a few intricacies to the economy that will treat you well if you understand them.


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One thing that is very valuable in No Man’s Sky’s universe is knowledge. Languages, animal species, plants, planets, star systems, you name it and someone would pay you something for it. Whether it’s Units, supplies, or more knowledge, it can always be leveraged.

It’s not entirely clear why the Galactic Library is willing to pay top dollar for your discoveries, but it’s not something you should question. You’re doing your part by scanning everything and uploading it all to the database. As knowledge spreads, other players will be able to see what you’ve discovered and that can help them on their travels as well, keeping the wheel turning.

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