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Attack on Titan: What Are Titan Models and How to Get Them


Attack on Titan: What Are Titan Models and How to Get Them

Titan Models – Attack on Titan

You know what every base behind the walls in Attack on Titan needs? A gigantic statue of a terrifying Titan. If you don’t agree with that sentiment, take it up with Omega Force and their new game, because that’s exactly what you’ll be able to craft and place for everyone to see.

After beating the fourth chapter, which precedes ‘The Epilogue’ (the fifth, and final chapter), you’ll unlock a vendor in your base which will appear on your map as a picture of a small black and white statue. When you speak to him, you’ll have two options: Acquisition and Set.

Acquisition allows you to craft one of the Titan models available. These are unlocked by encountering the different types through gameplay. They all require a mix of different materials, which can be obtained from Titans themselves or as rewards for completing certain missions. Once you craft a model, it’s added to your collection.

Once you have at least one, you can choose the Set option at the vendor. This allows you to pick any one Titan and have it as a statue in your base. It will be fully sized, too. That means you can have a gigantic Titan just standing in your base with one of its stupid looks. It’s creepy, but also kind of cool.

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