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Attack on Titan: How to Unlock Levi’s Cleanup Duty Outfit


Attack on Titan: How to Unlock Levi’s Cleanup Duty Outfit

Cleanup Duty Outfit – Attack on Titan

If you’re a fan of Attack on Titan, than you’re undoubtedly aware of Levi and his need for everything to be absolutely spotless. He refuses to sleep in a filthy camp and will force everyone under his command to clean up the place until it is absolutely pristine. He even has an outfit for his soldiers to wear while doing so, which includes a crisp white shirt and a white handkerchief around the neck. If you ever thought this was stylish, you can unlock it for wear in Attack on Titan.

To unlock this outfit, you must first complete the first four chapters, which take you through the events of the anime. When that’s done, you will have access to special requests. Among the first of these is the “A Perfect Job” series, given to you by Levi back at camp. There are three levels, and they’ll task you with subjugating 5, 10, then 15 Titans. Once that’s done, turn it into Levi for a short cutscene and your reward.

This outfit can be worn by either Levi or Eren. If you really want to do it up, though, you can also craft the Duster blades, which are brooms. You unlock this development shortly after gaining access to Levi. They require three Wood to craft. They’re pretty weak, but at least you’ll look the part.

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