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Attack on Titan: How to Switch Characters


Attack on Titan: How to Switch Characters

Switching Characters – Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan has 10 different playable characters you can unlock, each with different perks and abilities. Naturally, after getting the hang of the game, you’ll want to switch to your favorites so you can level them up. This isn’t exactly the easiest thing in the world to do, though, as the game never really explains how. It only lets you know that they’re available once you unlock them.

For starters, if you’re trying to change characters in Attack Mode, Attack on Titan’s main campaign, you can only do so after beating the main portion of the story. This is because you are forced to use narrative-centric characters until the end. Once you do complete it, simply back out of the game to the main menu (make sure you’re all saved up first). Then re-select Attack Mode and you’ll see the character select screen with all of your characters. This allows you to switch who you control as you replay missions

For Expedition Mode, the game’s multiplayer component, you’ll be taken to the Character select screen immediately. Keep in mind, though, that if you haven’t unlocked anyone, you won’t have anyone to choose from.

As far as being able to switch your character mid-game, that just isn’t possible. Once you have your main, you’re stuck with them unless the story itself switches them out for you, so choose wisely.

For more Attack on Titan help, check out our wiki full of tips and guides!

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