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Attack on Titan: How to Ride a Horse


Attack on Titan: How to Ride a Horse

Ride a Horse – Attack on Titan

There will be times in Attack on Titan when you’ll find yourself on an open battlefield with no trees or buildings to anchor onto with your ODM gear. That means you’re going to have to move the normal way – on legs. Thankfully, during these missions you will be given a horse to use. The good thing about horses in the Attack on Titan universe is that Titans just aren’t interested in them, they only eat humans. This means your horse will stay alive throughout the entire battle even if you’re not faring too well.

To ride your horse, simply press Circle/B when nearby to get on. You move around with the left thumbstick and sprint with X/A.

You can locate the horse on your map by looking for the white symbol shaped like a horse’s head. You’ll never have to look far, though, as your horse sticks near you as best as it can. If you just wait a second, or run, it will eventually catch up to you and be by your side.

Do note that you can still use your gear while riding. If you get into range and are able to lock onto a Titan, tap R1/RB to lock on, then Square/X to anchor on to them, this will pull you right off of your horse and into action. Or, if you manage to reach an area where you can finally swing about, simply press Square/X.

For more Attack on Titan help, check out our wiki full of tips and guides!

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