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Attack on Titan: How to Beat the Beast Titan


Attack on Titan: How to Beat the Beast Titan

How to Beat the Beast Titan – Attack on Titan

Fans who only know Attack on Titan through the anime may not recognize the impossibly tall, furry Beast Titan from the game’s Epilogue. But this Titan isn’t completely original, in fact it appears in the manga shortly after where the anime leaves off. It is much more powerful than the Female Titan you’ve faced just before it. This is compounded by the thick, armor-like fur that coats its body.

Before you fight the Beast Titan, you’ll be introduced to the Firebomb item. Before you even approach the Beast Titan, make sure that you have at least six Firebombs, that means you can afford to miss once. Next, clear out any extra Titans that may be nearby. You don’t need any distractions or to be randomly snatched out of the sky. Once all that is set, you’re ready to go in for the kill.

Now that it’s time to fight, you need to pick a limb or his nape. If you have any soldiers fighting alongside you, set them to focus because you’re going to need all of the damage you can dish out. When the Beast Titan jumps, he tends to go backwards to create distance, so don’t get nervous. If you see him crouch first, it means he’s going to jump forward for a major stomp attack, so just dash to the side. Once you pick what you’re gonna target, get your Firebomb ready and, once you’re in range while flying towards it, throw the bomb. This will burn off all of the fur, allowing you to attack with no obstacles.

The Beast Titan’s arms are a bit tricky. They’re very long, much longer than any other Titan you’ve faced. This means you’re going to want to start from afar to read his movements. He’ll try to swap you out of the sky rather than grab you, but his size makes him slow. Once you latch on with your gear, press up on the left thumbstick to give yourself more height, then dash in. Once in range, use your Firebomb to remove the fur from the elbow, as you do with any part of his body. Now attack, going back and forth, constantly watching the Beast Titan’s movements, until whatever arm you’re striking is disabled.

Enjoy watching as the mysterious beast tumbles to the ground before disappearing a cloud of scalding steam.

Now that you’ve triumphed over that mountain, check out our wiki for more guides, tips, tricks, and information on Attack on Titan.

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