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Attack on Titan: How to Beat the Female Titan


Attack on Titan: How to Beat the Female Titan

Female Titan – Attack on Titan

The Female Titan is the final boss in the story portion of Attack on Titan and is possibly the first real challenge you’ll face in the game. You’ll have to fight her several times, but the first few encounters follow the same basic rules. She’s strong, like most other Titans, but unlike them, she’s actually really smart. That means you can’t use basic maneuvers or expect an easy fight. Making her even deadlier is her incredible speed.

The Female Titan still has the same weaknesses as any other Titan, they just require quite a bit more damage. Another thing you need to be aware of is the fact that she has defensive parts. That means you won’t be able to go for the nape of her neck without taking out the limbs highlighted with yellow targets. During your first encounters, these will only be her arms. This is much easier to manage as you can stay high and just charge in after she attacks. She tends to rest after that, giving you a perfect opportunity for some solid hits.

When it comes down to your next encounter, when you have to take out all of the limbs, things become a little trickier. Locking on to the Female Titan is no different than locking onto anyone else, but she is much more adept at shaking unwanted soldiers off. She does this in two ways, either charging or jumping really high into the air for stomp attack. If you’re low to the ground, then she will also try to kick. Whenever she goes up high in the air, dash away in any direction by pressing X/A. Once she’s back on the ground, you can re-attach your anchors and continue the fight.

The main trick is to always stay to her side as you target her limbs. Behind her can be dangerous if she suddenly turns, and directly in front is no man’s land. As long as you can remember to dash when she jumps or runs, you’ll be fine.

Two good tips to keep in mind at all times are to have your companions set to ‘Focus” and to remember that she can attack with just her head if you take out her arms (just another good reason not to get in front of her). Also, when you’re in the forest level facing her, be sure to help whoever releases a distress signal. They’ll set up traps that the Female Titan is sure to step over.

The final confrontation will see you facing the Female Titan in Eren’s Titan form. This is by far the easiest encounter you’ll have with her. Simply dash and punch, and she’ll keep going down. If you back her into a wall, you can just keep grabbing with Triangle/Y to continue to slam for lots of damage. When she’s dazed (white bubbles will appear over her head) move in close and press Circle/B. Then just continue to damage her until you win. Simple as that.

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