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4 Games You Might like if You Almost Liked No Man’s Sky


4 Games You Might like if You Almost Liked No Man’s Sky

Mining resources one planet at a time.

Need a No Man’s Sky Alternative?

No Man’s Sky is arguably the biggest game ever released in terms of the sheer scale it offers to players. However, after exploring dozens upon dozens of planets we began to ponder what other games could quench that exploration itch, especially if No Man’s Sky isn’t exactly the game for you. Now, we aren’t simply talking about games where you also walk around procedurally generated planets. No Man’s Sky isn’t just about exploration, although that is a heavy part of the gameplay, but leaving your mark on the world for others to see. It’s about a sense of being overwhelmed by the sheer size of the world you have to explore and the fear that comes with travelling into the unknown.


We are taking in all these factors to look at the games most like No Man’s Sky, ones that highlight this title’s qualities the best. Not every game will share the same reasoning and much like No Man’s Sky our own experiences in these game’s worlds may not reflect those of another player. Nonetheless, here are four games that not only remind us of No Man’s Sky, but may give you a more enjoyable experience if you’re not finding its exceptionally wide world to your liking.

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