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We Happy Few: Where to Find Chemical Stations


We Happy Few: Where to Find Chemical Stations

Drugs are very important in We Happy Few. For starters, Joy is the cause of all your nightmares as it twists everyone into an overly happy creep, hellbent on taking down anyone without a smile. But, drugs are also good in the game as they can offer healing and other effects to help you through We Happy Few’s twisted utopia. Crafting some of the best drugs in the game, though, requires Chemical Stations. Small tables with full chemistry kits that allow you to make the most advanced concoctions in the game.

Chemical Stations are a lot like Mechanical Craft Tables in that they aren’t very common, especially in the Garden, the first area of the game. You can still find them if you’re willing to do a bit of exploring. Thanks to the procedural nature of the world’s generation they can appear just about anywhere. Check inside every home and building you stumble across, in odd clearings, and anywhere else you think something might be hidden. If you’re lucky, then you’ll find one before advancing too far in the game.

Don’t stress over these Chemical Stations too much, though, because you’ll be granted much easier access once you leave the Garden. At each safe house in every area that follows you’ll have both a Chem Station and a Mechanical Craft Table to use at your leisure. No longer will you have to hunt the globe just to make a cool syringe.

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