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We Happy Few: How to Keep Weapons From Breaking


We Happy Few: How to Keep Weapons From Breaking

How to Keep Weapons from Breaking in We Happy Few

Weapons are often times the only thing keeping you from being a shattered mess on the streets of Wellington Wells, We Happy Few‘s twisted utopia. While combat should be avoided whenever possible, sometimes you really have no choice, so a durable weapon is a necessity. Of course, weapons break in We Happy Few, and that sucks. You can do your part to make sure they don’t break prematurely, though.

For now, We Happy Few offers mostly tools of the melee variety. Sticks, clubs, bats, and things of that nature. Every time they hit something, their durability (marked by a white bar under the weapon’s image) goes down. This means that if you keep hitting things, your weapon is going to break. Obviously you need to hit things in order to use it, that’s the whole point, but you can be a bit more mindful of what you’re swinging at to add a bit of longevity to your trusty equipment:

  • Go for headshots with your weapons. Headshots do much more damage than any other types of hits in We Happy Few, meaning you can take out an enemy with fewer swings. Fewer swings = more preserved durability.
  • Be extra careful in corridors. When you swing your weapon in We Happy Few, it sometimes swings in a wide arc. If you’re in a corridor such as a tight hallway, that means your weapons will hit your target as well as any walls, containers, and banisters nearby. All of that will decrease your weapon’s durability, causing it to break sooner rather than later.
  • Use stealth takedowns. These don’t use your weapon, and they allow you to take out an enemy silently. It’s better to leave someone unconscious rather than dead, as that won’t attract any flies or attention
  • Fisticuffs are always an option. While weapons definitely do a lot more damage than you can do with just your hands, your hands are still useful against single enemies. They’ll also allow you to take out adversaries without sacrificing your valuable durability.

It’s a cruel world out there in We Happy Few’s Wellington Wells, so always keep your wits about you. As long as you use your weapons wisely, you should be able to make them last a lot longer.

Weapons aren’t the only element of We Happy Few that need extra care. If you need any other help with the game, feel free to check out some of our most requested guides below, or visit our wiki.

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