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Salt and Sanctuary: How to Transmute

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Salt and Sanctuary: How to Transmute

The easiest way to get the very best weapons.

Transmuting in Salt and Sanctuary is one of the most confusing elements of the game, but it’s also super important for creating some of the best weapons in the game, so it’s very much worth knowing about.

Transmutation in Slat and Sanctuary is essentially turning one weapon into a more powerful weapon. The catch is that you’ll need the remains of enemies plus a healthy amount of salt (the game’s currency) to make it happen. To start the process, you first have to find a Stone Alchemist statue and make an offering at any sanctuary. The first place you can find one is in the Bandit’s Pass after fighting The Real Jester.

Once you have an alchemist in your sanctuary, you can talk to them and convert one weapon into a new one. The best weapons you’ll get will be from the remains of bosses, so be sure to keep those in your inventory until you’re sure you won’t be transmuting a certain weapon. For a full list of transmutations, head over to the Salt and Sanctuary Wiki.


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