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Salt and Sanctuary: How To Co-Op and Play With Friends


Salt and Sanctuary: How To Co-Op and Play With Friends

Praise the salt.

Salt and Sanctuary is an incredibly fun game reminiscent of the Souls series. And like any Souls game, Salt and Sanctuary is also hard to grasp and very obtuse about its information giving. So to ease your confused mind, here’s how to bring in a co-op partner into your adventure.

To play co-op you’re going to need to establish the first sanctuary and then acquire a Stone Sellsword statue. You can find one in the Bandit’s pass near the beginning of the game, but you can also choose to take one at the beginning of character creation if you want to play co-op from the get-go.

Once you make an offering with the Stone Sellsword, a real sellsword will appear in the sanctuary. You can then talk to him and select “Hire.” The co-op player will then take control of the sellsword, and is able to select any character on their own account to bring into the game!

Here the effects of bring in a co-op player, via the Salt and Sanctuary Wiki.

  • Enemy HP is scaled up a hefty bit, and enemies will do a little extra damage.
  • Prayers of healing aid cooperative players within a radius.
    PvP can be initiated almost anywhere.
  • If A Cooperator has a key to open a door they can open the door early for the host. (NOTE: It is possible to “break” the host’s game by bypassing checkpoints related to NPCs, like the Despondent Thief, etc.)
  • Gold Dropped by all enemies and bosses is not shared, whoever picks it up gets the gold
  • Item Drops from enemies grant a copy to each player.
  • Found items or treasure grant salt to the sellsword if already acquired by the Sellsword in their world
  • Sellswords can’t pick up keys or special progression items.
  • Sellswords can’t pick up top-level crafting materials (Shimmering Pearl, Drowned Tome, etc. Any preset loot not obtained in the Sellsword’s world will be forfeit)
  • Sellswords can’t pick up found Black Pearls. (NOTE: Picking up a Black Pearl that the Sellsword has not found in their world will result in the loss of the item for them)
  • Sellswords can interact with an buy items from any vendor on the host world. (Creed that the Sellsword is not a member of aside from the starting three may not provide all services)
  • Sellswords cannot place their creed item nor give offerings at a sanctuary.
  • Sellswords cannot enter the endgame area after the final boss.
  • Any brands the sellsword has in their world will be nulified to match the host world and vice versa, the sellsword gets the hosts brands

You may also initiate PvP with your cooperative player if you crush an Egg of Wrath.

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