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RimWorld: How to Make Kibble


RimWorld: How to Make Kibble

Force them on your animals.

Kibble is one of the food items available for your animals in RimWorld, so naturally, you’ll eventually come to a point where you need to make some in order to survive. The tricky thing about making Kibble is that the game doesn’t actually give you the exact requirements on how to make it.

In order to make Kibble, you’ll need 20 meat and 20 vegetables. You can also use human meat and hay to produce it.

All animals except Wargs in RimWorld will eat kibble, so this is actually a really good food source to have on hand. Not only that, Kibble can also be used to train your animals. While your animals will likely prioritize other food items that are near them over the Kibble, it’s also worth noting that the Kibble doesn’t spoil. This means you can always use it as a backup food source.

If you want to force your animals to eat Kibble instead of the other food items you have around, you can also try putting stockpiles of it right next to the animal beds so that it’s the first thing the animals see when they wake up. The only real problem with using this food source is that sometimes, the animals may de-prioritize them too much, even to the point of starvation.

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