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RimWorld: How to Get Components


RimWorld: How to Get Components

If you’re after making some pretty cool structures or items in RimWorld, you’re gonna need components. The only problem with this is, that they can be pretty tricky to get your hands on as the game doesn’t explain how to get them all that well. Don’t worry though, we’re here to give you a helping hand.

There are a number of ways you can get components. First off, you can deconstruct parts from fallen ships that you’ll find around the world. Keep an eye out for these as they can be a pretty lucrative source of components. You can also mine compacted machinery from the environment around you. There are also Mechanoids in RimWorld which, when found through mining, can be disassembled and turned into components if you take them to your Machining table.

There are however, two easier ways of getting components in RimWorld. The first is to simply tech up your colony so you can simply make them when you need them. To do this, you’ll need a hi-tech research bench with a connected multi-analyzer. Creating these will require some time and materials though as the analyzer requires Gold and Plasteel which are both highly useful and sought after items. Once you’ve got both of these, you research the component assembly bench which can convert 30 units of steel into one component. It’s worth noting however that you’ll need a level 10 Crafter in order to use this.

The much simpler way, if you have the cash to do so, is to simply purchase components from traders that pass by. It may not be the most sustainable way of acquiring components, but it sure is the easiest.

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