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Pokemon GO: Where to Find Shellder


Pokemon GO: Where to Find Shellder

Being a Pokemon trainer means finding some creatures that don’t look like some of the things we see everyday. Some of them do and might be hiding in plain sight. Especially with Pokemon GO being released and several people trying to be the very best. Grab your snorkel and swimming gear as we check out this Pokemon sighting.

Shellder was caught at 175 CP by a trainer who was at level 14 (you will find rarer Pokemon at higher levels) in Downtown Kissimmee, Florida. This shell-type Pokemon was found in an urban park with three PokeStops overlapping with lures. It took two PokeBalls and one Razz Berry to capture and was the only one to appear that night. The park also had water nearby and a few water Pokemon pop throughout the night because of that. Shellder has two moves, Tackle and Bubble Beam, which means it only has one water type move. It needs 50 Shellder Candy in order to evolve into Cloyster, a water and ice type Pokemon.

Let us know about any Shellder that you have caught and where you have found them. For any tips, tricks and everything in between make sure to check out our Ultimate Pokemon GO Guide.

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