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Pokemon Go: Where to Find & Catch Scyther


Pokemon Go: Where to Find & Catch Scyther

Scyther search.

The hardest part of filling the remaining slots in your Pokedex in Pokemon GO is finding all those rare Pokemon. Spread across the world, often in unreachable locations, rare Pokemon are hard to find and even harder to catch. To help you become the finest Pokemon trainer in your area and take control of your local Gyms, here’s where you’re most likely to find a powerful Scyther.

Locating Scyther can be difficult, and he doesn’t appear very often, but they tend to come in packs. Many budding Pokemon trainers have seen five or six Scyther appear in the ‘nearby Pokemon’ section of the Pokemon GO menu at one time. When they have been found, their Combat Power rating has been as low as 81 and as high as 800 for higher level players.

The most common location seems to be park areas, big open fields, or wooded areas since Scyther is a bug Pokemon. However, they have also been seen in rural towns and villages. He is very rarely seen in built up areas and tends to stick to those with a lot of trees and grassy fields. You could also cross your fingers and hope he hatches out of a ten kilometer egg. If you come across a Scyther elsewhere, be sure to let us know!

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