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Pokemon GO: Where to Find Pokemon


Pokemon GO: Where to Find Pokemon

Pokemon GO has officially started rolling out today and fans have already started venturing outdoors in search of their favorite little pocket monsters. Here’s how to find Pokemon within the real world in Pokemon GO.

In order to find Pokemon, all you have to do is simply start wandering around in real-life. If you take a look at your smart device you should see a cartoon-like sketch of the world around you, complete with roads and buildings. The little creatures have been scattered around the whole world and the best way for you to find them is to simply get out there and go exploring. A quick wander around your neighborhood should result in at least one or two Pokemon showing up, so you shouldn’t have to wait around for too long. You can always check how close nearby Pokemon are by clicking on the silhouettes at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. The little footprints below each silhouette tell you how close that creature is in relation to your current location. Unfortunately, you can’t track down ‘mon any more accurately than this.

Of course, remember that certain types of Pokemon like certain environments. For example, water types are more often than not going to pop up around bodies of water and so on. Also, remember that the weather outside, and the time of day that you go exploring the real-world for Pokemon is going to yield different results to your find. It might be best to try at different times of the day to get a really good spread of the virtual creatures.

That’s all there is to finding Pokemon. If you’ve got any tips for your fellow Pokemon trainers, share them in the comments below.

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