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Pokemon GO: Where to Find Omanyte


Pokemon GO: Where to Find Omanyte

Pokemon GO not only allows people to be the trainer that they always wanted to be, but to fulfil other dreams such as bringing fossils to life. This Pokemon sighting is for the kids who wanted to capture them all and become archaeologists. Grab your shovels and get your trowels ready as we bring back creatures from the past.

Omanyte was found at 46 CP in Downtown Kissimmee, Florida with the trainer at level 14 (you will find rarer Pokemon at higher levels). The fossil Pokemon was found in a park by the water in an urban setting and only took one Great Ball to capture. The park itself had three PokeStops overlapping each other with all of them having Lures activated. Several trainers were able to capture it after being at the park all night and several of them had caught a low CP one, even if being a high level trainer. Omanyte has two moves, Mud Shot and Brine, which showcases the fossil Pokemons typings. You will need 50 Omanyte candies in order to evolve it into Omastar, who maintains the same type. 

Let us know about your Omanyte sightings and what type of area you found them. For any tips, tricks and everything in between make sure to check out our Ultimate Pokemon GO Guide.

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