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Pokemon GO: Where to Find Normal Type Pokemon


Pokemon GO: Where to Find Normal Type Pokemon

There are a lot of different Pokemon in Pokemon GO, and the most common type is Normal. These particular Pokemon may not have any special element tied to them, but they are not to be ignored. For one, they can help bolster your roster with some much needed CP. Also, you’ll need to catch them if you hope to ever earn a gold Schoolkid medal.

Whether you think they’re special or not, though, if you truly intend to “catch ’em all,” you’re going to need to get your hands on some Normal type Pokemon in Pokemon GO. Thankfully, these are the easiest to come by due to the fact that they can be encountered just about anywhere. What do we mean by anywhere? Towns, cities, parks, streets, your backyard, your attic – literally just about anywhere as long as your phone has a signal and your GPS is working.

The most common normal type you’ll run into in Pokemon GO is Rattata, which you’ll need to earn yourself the Youngster medal, so it isn’t all bad. Just walk around, have a heavy supply of Poke Balls, and your bag will be filled with more Normal type Pokemon than you could ever hope to have.

Once you’ve solved your collection issue, if you need any more help with the game, make sure to check out our Ultimate Pokemon GO Guide for all your Pokemon training needs. If you’re looking for more Pokemon types, check out our Pokemon Locations Guide.

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