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Pokemon GO: Where to Find Ground Type Pokemon


Pokemon GO: Where to Find Ground Type Pokemon

Ground type Pokemon are really good to have in any roster thanks to their strength against Electric, Fire, Poison, Rock, and Steel types. Those types, which are normally hell for most others, get demolished by Ground Pokemon, and that holds true in Pokemon GO as well, so here’s where you can find some to add to your team.

You’ll have to do a bit more searching for these types than you would for a Normal or Flying type in Pokemon GO, though. Their nature requires that you search in geographical areas that are similar to their earthy makeup. That means deserts, mountainous regions, and in some parks. You may sometimes stumble across one of these in other places – Geodude and Sandshrew, for example, can be fairly common in cities. Overall, though, it’s best to just stick to where you can see the earth in all of its brown-grey-ish glory.

Players may have to go a bit out of their way, especially if they live in industrial areas, or those with a lot of grass, but just remind yourself that you’re doing it for the Ruin Maniac medal and it will all prove worth it. You’ll need to catch a total of 200 Ground Pokemon in Pokemon GO if you hope to get the Gold, so grab some Poke Balls and go find yourself a mountain.

When you’re done with that make sure to check out our Ultimate Pokemon GO Guide to prepare yourself for your next Pokemon training challenge.

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