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Pokemon GO: Where to Find Grass Type Pokemon


Pokemon GO: Where to Find Grass Type Pokemon

Grass Pokemon are one of the easiest to find in Pokemon GO, provided you live somewhere around… you know, grass. These types tend to populate areas with an abundance of greenery. That means parks, woods, forests, fields, and other things of that nature.

If you look at the Pokemon GO map, you’ll see a lot of green, but dark green indicates large fields such as parks. That’s where you want to head if you want to catch things like Bellsprouts and Bulbasaurs.

There is the small chance, like with any other type, that you will find a Grass Pokemon outside of these green areas. You can also get them from Eggs. But for a safer bet, always follow the dark green.

Looking for any other types of Pokemon? Perhaps so you can get every in-game medal? If so, check out our Locations Guide here, and for everything Pokemon GO, head to our Ultimate Guide full of everything you need to know.

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