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Pokemon GO: Where to Find Ghost Type Pokemon


Pokemon GO: Where to Find Ghost Type Pokemon

Who doesn’t love a good Ghost Pokemon? They’re creepy, they’re powerful, and they actually exist in Pokemon GO if you know how to look for them. Like all Pokemon types in the game, Ghost Pokemon tend to hang around certain areas, but they also hang around certain times, too, making them a bit more unique in the grand scheme of things.

At night, the Pokemon GO world will go dark in the app and you will have a higher chance of encountering Ghost Pokemon at this time. From what we’ve noticed, they seem to appear in more varied locations once the sun goes down. Near businesses, around parks, the middle of the street, and even your own home (talk about creepy).

While it’s easier to come across one of these types at night, you can still see Ghost Pokemon during the day if you’re in the right area. If you venture out near a cemetery or large parks, you’re almost sure to encounter a Ghastly or maybe even a Haunter. Some players have said they’ve seen Gengars, but those are certainly more rare.

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