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Pokemon GO: Where to Find Fire Type Pokemon


Pokemon GO: Where to Find Fire Type Pokemon

There are a lot of different types of Pokemon in Pokemon GO, the newly released mobile app from Niantic and The Pokemon Company. While most reside in pretty obvious places, there are those that are a bit on the tricky side to locate. Chief of these seem to be Fire type Pokemon. You know, the ones that want to watch the world burn.

While Water types are near water and Grass types are near grass, you aren’t going to search a Fire for a Pokemon. After all, how many live fires are there around your neighborhood, anyway? Fire types seem to be the most difficult to pin down, since areas that promote heat aren’t as common as anything else. Because of this, Fire types in Pokemon GO are in general locations.

One of the most common areas we’ve seen them are in and around parks. But they aren’t restricted to parks or any other type of geography, it seems. Like some of the most common Pokemon (Pidgey, Rattata, etc.), these types can be found anywhere.

It may seem hard to believe, especially since other types seem to fit a more strict mold (though there are some exceptions), but that’s just how it is in Pokemon GO at the moment. You can run across a Fire type just about anywhere, so always keep some Poke Balls on deck. You never know when a Charmander will wander into your safe haven.

Looking for other types of Pokemon? Perhaps so you can get every Pokemon GO medal? If so, check out our Locations Guide here, and for everything Pokemon GO, head to our Ultimate Guide full of everything you need to know.

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