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Pokemon GO: What the Footprints Mean


Pokemon GO: What the Footprints Mean

In Pokemon GO, you may have noticed that in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, there are silhouettes (or images, depending if you’ve encountered them before) of Pokemon and some little footprints next to them. Here’s what they mean.

Basically, this box in the corner of your screen is the best way to work out what Pokemon are nearby your current location. A quick tap on the box will open it up fully to reveal all of the creatures within a certain proximity, as well a bunch of footprints next to each silhouette. These footprints are basically a means of working out what’s closest to you and their rough location.

One footprint means they’re really close, two is further away, and three means they’re quite far away. If you see the amount next to a silhouette slowly moving down, you know you’re heading in the right direction. You can also tap on one of the silhouettes, keeping that Pokemon and its tracks on the bottom right of the screen so you can keep an eye on its distance.

That’s all there is to the mystery of the footprints in Pokemon GO. Be sure to keep checking back with Twinfinite for all of your Pokemon GO needs.

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