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Pokemon GO: What Razz Berries Are and How to Use Them


Pokemon GO: What Razz Berries Are and How to Use Them

Pokemon GO provides trainers with everything they may need to become the best like no one ever was. As you level up, you’ll gain access to new tools that will not only help to attract more Pokemon, but help you successfully capture them as well, such as Razz Berries.

Razz Berries are an item you can get after reaching level 8 in the game. These fruits are used to make catching Pokemon much easier, especially those with high CP and orange or red catch rings.

If you look in your inventory, they’ll look like an actual raspberry. What they do exactly is increase the probability of your very next Poke Ball throw, hopefully leading to a successful capture. Simply select one from your inventory to feed the high CP Pokemon one of these, then toss your Poke Ball. It still doesn’t guarantee a catch, but players have noticed much easier times with tougher Pokemon.

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