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Pokemon GO: How to Get Poké Balls, Great Balls, and Ultra Balls

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Pokemon GO: How to Get Poké Balls, Great Balls, and Ultra Balls

Pokemon GO has arrived and has helped the cute little creatures take one step closer to actually invading the real world. Giving players the chance to really become a Pokemon trainer, Pokemon GO gives players the chance to head out into the great outdoors and capture their favorite Pokemon. Of course, you’ll need some Poké Balls to do so.

The game gives you a generous amount of Poké Balls to get you started, but it’s easy enough to whittle your way through your supplies and end up nearby a really rare Pokemon with no equipment to catch it. The easiest way to make sure this never happens to you is to always stock up on Poke Balls when you get the chance.

You can get them from Pokestops, which are real-life landmarks turned Pokemarts. Simply load up the app and take a look around your nearby surroundings. If you spot what looks like a little blue square above a platform, you’ve got a Pokestop nearby. Make your way towards it and when you’re within close enough proximity to the building, you should see that it becomes a little animated on your map. Click on this and you’ll see a photo of the real-world location in a little circle.

Give this little image a spin and surely enough a bunch of Poké Balls (and sometimes some other items) will fly off of it. Tap on the items and they’ll be added to your inventory, ready for your next Pokemon encounter.

If you’re lucky enough, Great Balls and Ultra Balls will be dispensed from Pokestops, too. Just like with other rare items, these are by no means guaranteed every time. What you get from a Pokestop is determined by the luck of the draw unfortunately.

That’s all there is to getting Poké Balls in Pokemon GO. How are you enjoying the game so far? Let us know in the comments below.

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