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Pokemon GO: How to Get Lucky Eggs


Pokemon GO: How to Get Lucky Eggs

With Pokemon GO finally out, many players may have noticed that there are several items that you can use to give you an additional boost on your adventure to catch ’em all. One of those is the Lucky Egg which can be incredibly useful to use and should be saved for special occasions.

Lucky Eggs will double any experience you may get within 30 minutes of using it. This means you might want to use it when there are lures near you in order to farm Pokemon and rake up some extra XP. There are two ways to get this item, the first will be when you reach certain levels like level 9. Upon hitting level 9, you’ll be rewarded an Egg for your valiant efforts thus far. Unfortunately, if you want to get any more than the one the game gifts you at this point, you’ll have to buy them from the Shop. One Egg will cost you 80 PokeCoins, 8 Eggs are 500 PokeCoins and 25 Eggs are 1,250 PokeCoins. It’s best to save the one you get when you level up since getting this item is rare unless you buy it.

Let us know how many Lucky Eggs you decided to try out and how it worked out for you in the comments below. For any more tips, tricks, and everything in-between then check out our Ultimate Pokemon Go Guide.

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