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Destiny’s Best Titan Subclasses, Ranked


Destiny’s Best Titan Subclasses, Ranked

You are the wall.

3. Striker

Destiny Striker

Like all of Destiny’s classes, the Striker is NOT bad, but something has to be the bottom of the Titan subclasses.

Strikers do one thing really well: Kill. They are glass cannons built to ram into things, blow them up with their nuke-like super Fist of Havoc, and/or zap foes with the power of Arc. If you need hordes of enemies taken out, whether in PvP or PvE, there’s few that can get the job done better than a Striker can. Lighting Grenades are arguably one of the best tools in PvP, and are equally destructive in PvE when positioned well; and nothing evaporates enemies quicker than Fist of Havoc.

However, even with a recent buff to the Striker’s already powerful damage, Striker is still missing the survivability and versatility that the other two Titan subclasses possess. A Striker can easily get INTO combat fast and hard, and do serious damage. The problem is getting back out to safety and away from any distant enemies left untouched. It’s an issue that affects the Striker more in PvE, and has limited its usability in difficult battles since Destiny’s inception.

God help us all though if Strikers ever get an ability that keeps them alive better, or gets them back to safety quicker. A lot of Guardians will be out of a job on that day.

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