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Zero Time Dilemma: D-Team Transporter Room Puzzle Walkthrough


Zero Time Dilemma: D-Team Transporter Room Puzzle Walkthrough

Ugh math.

The transporter room is one of the locked room puzzles D-Team will face in Zero Time Dilemma. Here’s how to solve it.

Step 1: Before you do anything else, collect all of the cards scattered around the room. There are 13 in total.

Step 2: Go to the machine slotted in the wall, and insert all 13 cards.

Step 3: The holographic book will reveal that the wind symbol is equivalent to zero.

Step 4: Check the pink symbols above the nucleus to see the pattern: bird, bird, bird, flower, human.

Step 5: Check the panel sitting in the middle of the room, then return to the holographic book for your next clue, and a question.

Step 6: The solution to the holographic book’s puzzle from 0-12 is as follows: wind, sun, moon, human, double moon, star, human + moon, flower, triple moon, double human, star + moon, bird, human + double moon.

Step 7: Check the second wall machine and examine the monitor for the decagon reels.

Step 8: Examine the monitor again for the tridecagon reels.

Step 9: Place the reels into the contraption next to the panel in the middle of the room.

Step 10: Examine the portion of the nucleus right below the holographic symbols and key in the following symbols from top to bottom: human + double moon, double human, star, sun.

And that’s it. Congratulations, you’ve managed to seek a way out of the transporter room in Zero Time Dilemma.

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