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Microsoft Spends Too Much Time Reminding Us That Minecraft Exists


Microsoft Spends Too Much Time Reminding Us That Minecraft Exists

We get it, you can build things.

Minecraft, VR

Minecraft is one of those games we hear about at every single E3 in one way or another. Released way back in 2009 it has since been available on every single modern console or device known to man. This is arguably the most popular title released in the modern era of gaming, even if the formula hasn’t really changed a whole lot. However, apparently Microsoft didn’t know that almost every gamer alive knows about this game as they dedicated around 10 minutes to showing off the next batch of content that’s on the way. While we understand that it’s important to showcase this new information, the amount of time dedicated to Minecraft was way too much. Especially since this game has its own conference called Minecon, where it makes far more sense to show these new features in-depth.

It didn’t help that the people showcasing it were almost too enthusiastic about this new DLC, especially once the person demonstrating Minecraft VR stepped on stage. VR is really difficult to demonstrate, and having someone on stage whipping their head about does not exactly sell the concept of immersion. The time they spent on Minecraft could have easily gone to expanded demos for more interesting and new titles like Halo Wars 2 or ReCore. Minecraft at this point is a time waster and committing a full fledged demo was not only awkward but completely unnecessary. What we were left with was an awkward showcase, by clearly nervous people, showcasing a game that almost every gamer is familiar with.

Out of a particularly strong conference, this only slowed down the momentum that Microsoft was building. Minecraft is a game that doesn’t need to have demos anymore unless it’s an actual full fledged sequel announcement. Sadly, one can only assume we will continue to get these massive Minecraft segments until the game loses popularity (not likely) or a brand new title is on the way.

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