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4 Ways Agents of Mayhem Could Be Weirdly Tied to Saints Row


4 Ways Agents of Mayhem Could Be Weirdly Tied to Saints Row

There’s a connection here.

Today, Volition announced their brand new game, Agents of Mayhem, which puts players in the shoes of three different heroes (of sorts), in an open world and gives them the tools and powers to make chaos. The Agents–Hollywood, Fortune, and Hardtack–aren’t exactly heroes in the traditional sense, much like the lovable but psychotic Saints, but they at least aren’t deploying killer robots from space like the forces of L.E.G.I.O.N.

A lot of people have noticed that Volition’s new title shares a few ties to Saints Row, their open world franchise that recently concluded in 2013 with the fourth game. IGN, having first look exclusives for the month, have even said that they’ll be talking with Volition to discuss the ties the two games have. And then there’s the logo, which looks a lot like a futuristic version of the Third Streets Saints’ brand. The long look at the logo wouldn’t be done for no reason, so let’s take a look at some totally realistic ways that these two could be tied together.

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