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Hitman Episode 3: How to Complete the “Why We Fight” Opportunity


Hitman Episode 3: How to Complete the “Why We Fight” Opportunity

The pen isn’t mightier than the sword.

Getting to Hitman target Reza Zayden can be a difficult endeavor since he is completely surrounded by armed guards. Thankfully, the opportunity titled “Why We Fight” will get you in a room alone with him and give you an outfit that lets you move between guard checkpoints with ease.

To initiate this opportunity, make your way through the crowd in front of you and go right. Head all the way down until you enter the open market, then go left at the first alley. You will see two guards blocking an entrance and a stack of papers near them off to the right side. Examine one of these flyers to initiate the opportunity and then head towards the marker at the far end of the square.


There will be a small alley with a single guard patrolling up and down it right before you reach the opportunity marker. Have your hitman knock this man out and drag him into the small storage room to your right. Make sure to keep an eye on your mini-map before doing so, as people will regularly walk past this alleyway. Dump the body in the crate and make sure to go back and take his weapon. Throw it in the storage room with the knocked out guard and then round the corner to find four propaganda creators.

Listen to their conversation and follow the one who is hanging up posters along the alley walls. Wait until he stops in the same alleyway you knocked the guard out in and incapacitate him as well. Take his disguise and hide the body in the storage room as well. Make your way back to the other three men, talk to them, and follow them to the roped off military base. (Note: This disguise will let you roam around the majority of the first floor, but make sure to stay off of the second.). Once you reach the printing room, hang around until every person but one of the propaganda makers is left.


Knock him out and stash his body in the storage crate to your right and then have your hitman shut off the printing machine. Move to the other side of the room and wait. Eventually, Reza will come down and check on you. When he sees the machine not working, he will approach it and turn it back on. This is your time to strike. Kill Reza and dump his body in the storage crate. None of Reza’s guards will accompany him into the printing room, so as long as you knocked out the other civilian you will be alone with him.

Once the deed is complete, make your way out and head back into town. You have just successfully killed Reza Zayden with no witnesses and all bodies hidden.

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