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Destiny: Rise of Iron – Everything We Know So Far


Destiny: Rise of Iron – Everything We Know So Far

The Lords of Iron will be pleased.

Release Date and Price

Probably one of the most pertinent pieces of information regarding Destiny’s upcoming expansion, Rise of Iron, is its release date, followed by its price. During the live stream put on by Bungie, both of these pieces of information were provided. Guardians will be able to dive into the new locations and activities on Sept. 20, 2016, just over a full year after the release of The Taken King. It won’t be a free update though, this will cost you $30.

It’s cheaper than the last major expansion, which was $40, but still priced higher than any of the smaller packs that came as part of the Expansion Pass in year one. Based on the amount of content touted as being included, this seems right within the reason when looking at previous offerings.

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