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Uncharted 4’s Story and Ending, Explained and Summarized


Uncharted 4’s Story and Ending, Explained and Summarized

Here’s what happens.

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Nate’s New Life (Uncharted 4’s Chapters 3-5)

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Flash forward 15 years, and it turns out ol’ Nate is working for a salvaging company, plundering city rivers for less extravagant treasures. After his scuba diving, his new boss, Jameson, approaches him with plundering job in Malaysia job. They don’t have the legal permits to do so, and Nate is determined to live a danger-free life, so he refuses. He’s left his fast lane lifestyle behind him, and is settled down with Elena.

Later at home, Nate and Elena talk about work over dinner, and it’s clear Drake is distracted as he stares off into a tropical paradise painting instead of listening to his wife. Elena, now working as a low-key journalist, seems unfulfilled as well, turning her “fluff” piece assignments into more hard-hitting global stories against her editor’s wishes.

Elena asks if Nathan is happy, and he says yes. She brings up the “Malaysia job” and how it might be a good idea for him to go, to get himself out of this banal rut. She says it’s not that dangerous, and that she doesn’t want to be the reason he avoids it. He still refuses, though. Oh, and then Nate plays some Crash Bandicoot, in the best Uncharted 4 easter egg by far. The scene ends with them kissing, everything seemingly okay.

The next day, Nate works late, filling out paperwork at the salvaging company’s office. There’s a knock at the door, and it’s Sam. Nathan is shocked to see him, previously convinced that his brother died back at the Panamanian prison. Sam says he was patched up and thrown right back into prison, blamed for the death of Vargas. He tells Nathan the story of his escape, how he befriended the dangerous drug lord (and his cellmate) Hector Alcazar and told him stories of Avery’s treasure. Alcazar stages a prison break, freeing himself and Sam. Quickly after their getaway, Alcazar turns on Sam, violently persuading him to find Avery’s treasure and bring him back a cut. Alcazar gives Sam a three-month time limit, along with the promise of harsh consequences should he fail.

Nate fills his brother in on his past adventures and invites him to dinner to meet Elena, but Sam says he needs his help finding Avery’s treasure, or Alcazar will have him dead. Nate assures him that he and Rafe spent years looking for Avery’s treasure after the Panamanian prison, scouring St. Dismas’ cathedral in Scotland to no avail. Sam disagrees, believing the treasure was never at that cathedral. He’s found a new lead – a black market auction in Italy for another St. Dismas cross, one that hadn’t been hollowed out. Nathan is hesitant at first, tells Sam to call others for help, but there’s no one Sam trusts with his life like his brother. At this moment, Nathan gets a call from Elena. He answers, and tells her he’s decided to take that Malaysian Job.

Cut to Sam and Nate in Italy, wearing jumpsuits over fancy tuxedos. They’re pulling a bit of a heist now.

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