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Uncharted 4: How to Get the Don’t Feed the Animals Trophy


Uncharted 4: How to Get the Don’t Feed the Animals Trophy

Uncharted 4’s Don’t Feed the Animals trophy requires you get a little friendly with a lemur. It’s certainly not one of Uncharted 4’s most difficult trophies, only requiring you to complete a couple of interactions.

During Chapter 11: Hidden in Plain Sight, you’ll travel through a market with your old friend, Sully. If you listen, you might hear a woman yelling about her apples for sale. Find here (she’s in the middle of the market square, holding a bucket of apples) and click the prompt to purchase one. Start heading out of the market, towards Sully. You’ll notice Nathan occasionally taking bites out of the apple. If you’re really into graphical wonders, you can take a look at his realistic chewing animations.

Eventually, you’ll spot a man with a pet lemur sitting on the ground to your left. Interact with the lemur, which Nathan takes great joy in doing. After you’re done, start walking towards Sully again. The lemur will return and jump on your shoulders. From here, just keep walking forward, and the lemur soon will steal the remainder of your apple and run away. Jerk.

After this, the Don’t Feed the Animals Trophy will unlock. Because you fed an animal.

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