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Uncharted 4: How to Get the On Porpoise Trophy

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Uncharted 4: How to Get the On Porpoise Trophy

While you’re rolling around Uncharted 4’s Chapter 12: At Sea, you may notice the beautiful, pristine water, gorgeously lush islands, and sunken ships. However, there’s a minor secret within this chapter that you could miss! It just so happens to unlock the On Porpoise trophy, too.

When you start this chapter, drive the boat past the main island. You’ll likely trigger Sam mentioning both the sunken ship as well as the spot where you’re supposed to disembark to continue the story. Once you’re behind the island, you’ll know you’re in the right place because you’ll see three big rocks poking out of the water. Drive around this area, not being afraid to venture out further, because you need to maintain a distance from the island, otherwise the dolphins will not follow you. Once you’ve managed to get three to follow, you’ll unlock the trophy. You can go back and forth between the three rocks and where you saw the sunken ship to attempt to gather them up. Whenever you see one jump, head on over to it. Keep in mind that this might take you a bit of time!

It’s a cute scene with Sam gushing over seeing dolphins again for the first time in “awhile.” If you need any more help with Uncharted 4, check out our expanding wiki!

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