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Uncharted 4: How to Get Marco Polo Returns Trophy

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Uncharted 4: How to Get Marco Polo Returns Trophy

Uncharted has always had funny, unique trophies for players to unlock. Uncharted 4 calls back to Uncharted 2 with the Marco Polo trophy. In the past, you had to swim around a pool in order to get Nathan Drake to exclaim, “Marco!” This time around, you’ll be going a bit bigger for this trophy.

In Chapter 12: At Sea, you’ll be boating around a beautiful island with pristine water. Head west right at the start (left side of the island you’re facing) and keep going. Once you’ve heard Sam say something about there being a ship, you’ll know you’re in the right spot. Pull up close to this sunken ship that you’ve found and hop on out. Once you swim a bit around it, you should see the trophy pop up. Watch as Nathan Drake tries to play a classic game with his brother, to no avail.

Also, keep in mind there’s a treasure for you to collect within the sunken ship! If you need any more help with Uncharted 4, check out our ever expanding wiki!

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