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Tropico 5: How to Increase Housing Quality


Tropico 5: How to Increase Housing Quality

Increasing Housing Quality in Tropico 5

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Tropico 5 will require you to take care of your citizens lest you want to suffer the might of their vengeful wrath. It’s best to keep in mind their different needs, and housing quality is one of the most important ones. In order to increase housing quality, you need to do exactly that; increase the quality of the people’s housing situations.

This is done by upgrading their homes, making sure there is enough housing to go around, and considering rent. Here are some quick tips to increase your housing quality:

  • Eradicate the need for shacks, shacks give a measly 19 housing quality. This will greatly lower your average.
  • Don’t rely on country houses, though they provide food for people. As soon as you can upgrade to houses, do so.
  • Tenements are a great idea, as they house a lot of families. However, build them next to roads because as soon as you can upgrade to apartments, you should.
  • Consider the Mortgage Subsidies edict as it lowers the wealth requires for living in residential buildings. This allows for even, say, farmers to be able to live in apartments. Otherwise, they’ll be homeless if you have a country filled with apartments.
  • Lower the rent on modern apartments because you’re going to want those high housing quality places to house many of your people. However, it’s expensive to do so and you might be alienating a lot of your people from accessing the awesome housing quality.

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