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The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine – How to Get the Romance

blood and wine, romance, grandmaster, mutations

The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine – How to Get the Romance

Love is in the air.

Blood and Wine Spoilers Ahead!

For a person who was mutated to feel no emotion and live for nothing but the hunt, Geralt sure does find a lot of romance. Of course, players need to make the right decisions to make it happen. Blood and Wine, the latest expansion to last year’s huge RPG, adds in a new romantic option, although it’s a bit different from those that fans may remember from other parts of the game. Where Wild Hunt and Hearts of Stone placed love, or at least a powerful ulterior motive at the forefront for each “embrace,” Blood and Wine provides nothing more than a little fling.

During the Main Quest “The Night of Long Fangs,” players will have the option to either head to Syanna to bring her to Dettlaff, or search for Orianna in order to seek council with the Unseen Elder. To partake in the new romance, you’re going to want to seek out Syanna. This will eventually open up a brand new Main Quest called “Beyond Hill and Dale…”

Although this new quest seems a bit open by nature, it’s actually very straightforward. You need three beans in order to summon the beanstalk that leads to the exit of this fairy tale land. At the top of the beanstalk is the Cloud Giant, a huge powerful… well, giant. Defeat this huge monster, and you’re one step closer to leaving the area and completing the quest. Before leaving, though, Syanna realizes that she may die in the very near future depending on what happens. With her facing her own mortality, she decides a romp with the closest individual, who just so happens to be Geralt, is in order.

She’ll proposition you, and two options will appear:

  1. [Let her have her way with you.]
  2. Some other time, maybe.

Due to her tricky nature, you may be very untrusting of Syanna. But don’t worry, this is one time where she actually isn’t trying to get one over on you. If you give into her desires, what follows is probably the cheesiest of all of the love scenes in The Witcher 3, complete with its very own Spider-Man kiss (you know the one). Amidst the clouds, the two dance and make love, with a full musical score, and some fluffy cuddling to follow.

blood and wine, romance

It is definitely one of the more interesting of all of the romance options. It comes sort of out of the blue, even surprising Geralt for a moment. Just make sure a certain vampire doesn’t find out what you were up to when you were sitting on the clouds.

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