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Overwatch Tips: How to Play Mercy


Overwatch Tips: How to Play Mercy

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Mercy in Overwatch


If you enjoy playing as a support/healer class, Mercy is the character for you. She has some offensive capabilities, but her main priority should always be buffing her allies and healing them whenever they need it.

Before a match starts, you’ll want to get a good look at your teammates and decide whom you should buff first. Sticking with tanks or characters with high damage output like D.Va or Pharah is generally a good idea. Pharah’s rockets already deal a good amount of damage to enemies, so increasing her damage inflicted with Mercy’s buff will make her even more powerful. Of course, should you get separated from your partner, or if that partner dies, it’s important for you to find another teammate to support immediately. Mercy can’t act alone, so always make sure she has allies around her.

As the match continues, you’ll notice that your teammates’ health will begin to dwindle. You can see all of their silhouettes onscreen – green means they’re in good shape, yellow means they’ve taken some damage, and a ‘Critical’ warning will appear if they need your immediate attention. While buffing damage is a good strategy to employ, it’s also important to keep your teammates alive. When deciding who to heal first, always heal up the characters with less HP as they’re at the highest risk of getting killed.

Finally, Mercy’s Ultimate ability can usually help to turn the tide in a losing battle. If a teammate gets killed, you’ll have a short period of time to run over and resurrect them. This brings them back to full health, allowing them to continue the fight.

If you ever find yourself cornered, don’t forget that Mercy’s Guardian Angel ability allows her to fly to a targeted ally’s position. As a last resort, you can always pull out your sidearm and take out foes with minimal HP. Overall, always make sure Mercy has a partner you can stick to, and support them the best you can while keeping the other teammates alive as well.

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