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Overwatch Tips: How to Counter Torbjorn


Overwatch Tips: How to Counter Torbjorn

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Defenders take on many different forms in Overwatch, all of which are difficult to kill. But there are those who stand out most among the crowd thanks to the mountainous obstacles that they are. One prime example of this is Torbjorn. This portly engineer relies on his red-hot rivet gun, ginormous Forge Hammer, and a Turret that doesn’t know when to quit.

Torbjorn’s range and defensive capabilities make him one of the most difficult heroes to go up against in Overwatch. His Rivet Gun is bad enough, with its long-range accuracy and ability to fire a short blast of molten metal, he’s a damaging powerhouse. His solid constitution along with that gun are already a threat, but it’s his forging skills that take the cake.

Torbjorn is able to build a turret, which is nothing new to shooters. However, this upgradeable turret is ridiculously powerful, capable of locking down entire lanes, taking a ton of damage, and even getting a rocket launcher attachment. It has proven to be the bane of enemy advances, and if placed in just the right spots can shut down maps and clinch a win for Torbjorn’s team.

If you do happen to get this engineer on the run, he can boost his armor for a short time to stand toe-to-toe with you or make a getaway back to the safety of his turret.

Thankfully, Blizzard didn’t make him completely unstoppable. You just have to know how to break the little guy down.

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