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Overwatch Tips: How to Play Bastion


Overwatch Tips: How to Play Bastion

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Bastion in Overwatch

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It’s time to learn about everyone’s favorite nature-loving, whistling Omnic and its faithful winged pal, Ganymede. As its name suggests, Bastion is a veritable fortress and occupies the Defense-class of heroes in Overwatch.

Bastion’s primary ability is Reconfigure, allowing it to shift between its mobile Recon configuration and its static Sentry configuration. The main purpose of Recon mode is to find good spots to set up as a Sentry. Bastion rarely wants to get into mobile firefights as its slow movement speed, large body and reduced weapon magazine make it an easy target for most Offense-class characters.

Bastion’s Sentry configuration is how you’ll want to spend most of your time. In Sentry mode, Bastion comes equipped with a devastating Gatling gun. This weapon has one of the highest DPS in the game and, with an ammo capacity of 200, it can tear apart entire teams in moments. It is particularly effective against Tanks, who can only soak up so much before going down, and vulnerable Support characters. Be careful of Roadhog, though, as his Chain Hook ability will pull you right out of Sentry mode and into range of his Scrap Gun.

When setting up as a Sentry it is important to choose your positioning very carefully. The main weakness of Bastion’s Sentry form is that its back is fragile and enemies can exploit that for an easy kill. Be particularly wary of Tracer, Reaper and Genji as their abilities to flank your defenses and attack from the rear make them particularly good outs to Bastion. Get your back against a wall, preferably in a corner, and you can sit there taking fire for days. However, Bastion’s inability to move makes it an easy target for snipers like Widowmaker and Hanzo, as well as the explosives of Junkrat and Pharah which can deal incredible amounts of damage in very few shots.

This is where Bastion’s secondary ability comes into play. Bastion has a self-repair ability which recovers lost health for as long as the button is held.  This makes up for Sentry mode’s inability to move as it removes the necessity of going looking for health packs and allows it to recover once those pesky snipers have been dealt with. However, whilst using this skill Bastion can neither attack or move, so make sure to use it when your vicinity is clear of enemy players. Alternatively try partnering up with Mercy, who can alternate between healing Bastion and providing a damage boost, or Symmetra, who can provide an extra shield while her turrets protect your back.

Bastion’s ultimate is a Tank configuration. Whilst in its Tank form Bastion has increased movement speed and armor and its primary fire is replaced with a long-range cannon with incredibly high damage. This ability is brilliant at clearing out attackers from the capture point or disrupting a defensive set-up.

It is clear that Bastion shines when playing Defense, and it could be argued that it was made to do so. However, don’t discount Bastion’s offensive capabilities. Its high DPS in Sentry mode is great for wrecking opponents’ defensive positions and, in Payload, you can sit Bastion on the payload as it moves and slaughter the opposing defense. Try partnering up with Winston, who can drop his shield over you when things get tough, allowing you time to heal up.

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