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Overwatch: How to Use Spray Paint Around the Map


Overwatch: How to Use Spray Paint Around the Map

While you’re kicking butt in Blizzard’s Overwatch, you can also leave your mark around the battlefield. That’s right, your enemies’ bodies won’t be the only thing you can leave behind you. You can also spray paint the map! Leave your logo around to say, “I was here. Hear me roar.”

In order to use your spray paint, all you need to do is face where you want to mark and press up on the d-pad or T on your keyboard. There you have it, your mark will be left on the world of Overwatch. And you can even change what you spray paint, too. However, you’ll need to unlock new spray paints through loot boxes.

Head over to the Hero Gallery from the main menu, select the hero whose spray paint you want to change, and then pick a design. Once you’ve decided out of the ones you have so far, select it and hit equip. You’ll now be using that spray paint design, wherever you choose to put it.

Congratulations, Banksy!

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