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Overwatch Tips: How to Play Widowmaker


Overwatch Tips: How to Play Widowmaker

Widowmaker in Overwatch

Widowmaker Overwatch

“One shot, one kill.”

Overwatch has a bunch of characters for you to try out and master. Are you a natural sniper? Then Widowmaker is one of the Overwatch heroes you may want to consider giving a spin.

As a sniper, Widowmaker prefers to hang back and defend important areas from afar, which puts her in the defense class of characters. If you’re playing as her, what you’ll want to do is find an area that you believe will see heavy amount of traffic such as a control point or an alley way that a payload must pass through. Widowmaker comes equipped with a grappling hook that will allow you to get to hard to reach perches to snipe from quickly and easily.

Find a cozy spot that allows you to see everything, but keeps you as far away, and out of sight as possible, and then wait. Being a good sniper is about being patient and alert. If you’re the type that can’t stand sitting in one spot, and get antsy quickly, Widowmaker may not be for you. It’s also important to know that the shots from your sniper are more powerful the longer you hold it down. So unless you hear enemies coming in close and need to defend yourself with your autorifle, you should be staring down your scope at all times, ready to pop someone with full power before they realize where you are.

Also don’t forget about your Venom Mines. These can be used offensively and placed in an area with high traffic. Or you can also use them defensively. Put it somewhere behind you, where someone would have to come through to find your sniping perch. You’ll get notified that it was triggered. So not only will you have a heads up, they will be softened up for you to finish them with your autorifle.

Finally, don’t wait too long to use your ultimate ability. Unlike some other ultimates that require the proper timing to be used effectively, the Widowmaker’s ultimate, Infra-Sight, is very hard to be wasted because it affects the whole team. Sure, wait until you get set up so you can get some benefit out of it too, but go ahead and get it going so you can get it charged up again.

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