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Overwatch: How to Play Tracer


Overwatch: How to Play Tracer

A guide to playing as Tracer in Overwatch.

Tracer in Overwatch

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The Overwatch lineup is full of all sorts of colorful, wacky characters, but for some reason plenty of them just aren’t your speed. If you’re craving the need for speed, then look no further than the cheerful Brit, Tracer.

Tracer is an offense-based character armed with twin pulse pistols and the ability to blink around time and space. Tracer players will want to focus on pushing objectives and flanking enemies, but be warned – Tracer doesn’t take too well to damage. Good Tracer players avoid damage entirely and take out their enemies before they know what hit them.

Due to Tracer’s small health pool, it’s important to make good use of Tracer’s base run speed and blink ability which allows her to teleport  short distances. But plan accordingly! Her blink ability has a limit of three uses, and each use requires a cool-down before it’s replenished. Blinking around the map if perfect for circle-strafing slower tank characters, putting Tracer just out of harm’s reach while distracting the enemy for long enough for your team to lay down the heavy firepower. Also, Tracer’s blink ability is perfect if you find yourself in a hopeless King of the Hill battle where the enemy team seemingly has you locked down. The key is map awareness. Learn the lay of the land and find protected blink paths to navigate unharmed to the objective.

When you finally arrive at the objective, ready your recall ability which allows Tracer to turn back her personal timeline, restoring her physical placement on the map, health, and ammo to seconds before the use. When used correctly at the objective, it can give your team just enough time to catch up to you and conquer the objective.

Finally, Tracer’s super is a sticky pulse bomb that has a high-powered blast radius. Best place to use the pulse bomb is in tight-quarts, and objectives packed with enemies. And if possible – aim for the bigger heroes. A bigger hero means a bigger target.

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