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Overwatch: How to Melee Your Enemies

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Overwatch: How to Melee Your Enemies

While you’ll be hitting up foes with your favorite hero’s special weapons in Overwatch, you can also bop them if they get too close with a standard melee attack. It’s something all characters can do to combat those up close and personal encounters.

In order to melee, simply press V on your keyboard or push in the right control stick to bash wherever you’re aiming. It’s not exactly a strong attack, but at least it will do some damage if you’re way too close to get a good shot at your enemy. Not only that, but getting decked in the face is sure to disorient anybody. Just keep in mind that the attack distance is very, very small. You have to be really close to your opponent in order to land it. Don’t get all punch happy and miss, because it could really leave you vulnerable.

Get out there and bash some skulls!

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