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One Piece: Burning Blood – How to Block and Dodge

One Piece, Burning Blood

One Piece: Burning Blood – How to Block and Dodge

Block those attacks

One Piece: Burning Blood is one seriously tough fighting game. When the developers said they were going to put the most powerful characters from the anime into the game, they weren’t kidding. Each fighter available is powerful, and no two are alike.

If you’re playing this like any other type of fighting game and thinking you can just be offensive the whole way through, you’re wrong. You will need to defend yourself if you’re to have any chance at victory, and so you will need to learn how to block and dodge. While the buttons are simple, it can be surprisingly difficult to pull off during a fight.

When fighting hold down Circle on the PlayStation or “B” on the Xbox One. This will put you in a guard stance that can block most attacks. However, if your opponent goes for a special move they can still damage you (depending on the attack they can even bypass your guard completely). This is when dodging comes into play.

To dodge, you must hit the left thumbstick into the direction you want to evade. This requires perfect timing, though, as moving too early will just lead your opponent’s attack to switch directions and still connect. So make sure to dodge right before an attack hits or else you’ll just be a sitting duck.

If you happen to be using a Logia user you can hold R1/RB to unleash your abilities, rendering you invincible against all attacks other than special ones.

Be sure to check back in for more guides, tips, and tricks for One Piece: Burning Blood.

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